Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer that is very committed to improving the lives of people with hearing loss and allowing them to enjoy all of the sounds of life. Although based in Canada, Unitron’s hearing aids are available globally. Read more about Unitron’s product lines below.

Moxi Family

The Moxi family of RIC (receiver-in-ear) hearing aids features an unmatched combination of stylish design and natural sound. Now powered by Unitron’s North platform, Moxi takes open-fit hearing aids to new heights.

Style Options:

  • Receiver in the canal (RIC)


The Stride family of hearing aids pairs design with intuitive controls and delivers the natural sound and enjoyable conversations you love.

Style Options:

  • Behind the ear (BTE)
  • In the ear (ITE)

Max Family

Max delivers high-performance features in both a Super Power BTE with a 675 battery and a Super Power mini BTE with a 13 battery. Both styles are developed with the power to stand up to water, corrosion and extreme elements.

Style Options:

  • Mini behind the ear (BTE)

Want to know more about this brand? Click on the link: http://unitron.com/unitron/us/en/professional.html